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Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Favorite Snacks

My favorite snacks will be my chosen theme to be included for the thirteen thursday meme.

  1. popcorn (seasoned best)
  2. caramels (these are great)
  3. taffy (candy lover)
  4. dinner mints (sweet stuff)
  5. chips (salty)
  6. jelly beans (sweet again)
  7. pretzels (salty)
  8. cheese crackers
  9. mini sandwiches
  10. slim jims
  11. beef jerky
  12. ritz crackers and cheese spread
  13. anything I can find in the kitchen (desperation)
want to list your chosen list of 13? Head over here

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  1. Popcorn, ritz crackers with cheese, you've got me hungry now! Great list!

  2. thank you and I enjoy those as well just had a snack of both today, one on my work break and the other after work
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a fun engaging comment


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