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Monday, April 4, 2016

Research and Hugs

April 4th is National Hug a News person Day. 

My family was involved in our local newspaper for years. With my grandmother writing the news for her small community. I would gladly give her a hug if I only could. One day that will happen when I see her again in heaven. While the news she wrote about had more to do with who would be at the reunion or what an organization was doing it was still the news. 
I also took care of a lady in a nursing home who at the age of 80+ was still writing a strip in the local newspaper. To me that was awesome she would report what the nursing home residents were doing that week. This allowed families, other residents and others the chance to keep up with what was going on.
Today "national hug a News Person Day" offers the chance to say "thank-you" to news persons every where whether delivering important worldly news or hometown pride news. My hat is tipped to all who do this. 
One way you can give a hug to your favorite news person is to use the hashtag #HugANewspersonDay and post on social media

I am sure that many of the individual in the news field spent many hours in school libraries. April is a month that honors School Library Media Month. So I must ask you if you and your students know diddly about Dewey?? Do they believe that "biography" is simply a telivision show?? What about call numbers what do you think they may be?? Perhaps you think they are the numbers in your cell phone. You do know that a librarian is not someone born under the sign of libra right?? With all the tools available on the internet you may have forgotten that the library is an amazing place to find information. It is time that you revisit a library and take a tour of all the resources available there. 

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