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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Go To The Library and enjoy Poetry

April is School Library week. There are several ways to use the library and many of which you will need for classes you take. Here are some ideas 

Get or renew your Library Card. My daughter recently went to our local library and got a library card. In most cases it is free and with an ID or parent signature you will be able to get a card. Simply get a card and use it

Have a need for books, research , movies, or video games?? Check out the library. They often have many of the items you are looking for that you can check out and take home for a short period of time. 

If you take time to visit the library this month you may see a poster or display about April being National Poetry Month. One thing that would be fun to do would be to share a poem a day on a social media site. Perhaps you could even take time to memorize a poem whether a cute new one or even a vintage one.

To participate in National Poetry month buy a book or poems or take some time and learn about a poet from your state. If there is a bookstore, cafe or library near you check to see if they will be hosting a night of poetry reading. You may even want to read your own poem if they have one. If this type of event interest you then you may want to find a poetry reading group to participate in.

Take some time go outside and write a poem in colorful sidewalk chalk. Take time and find out if your child has a favorite poet and who it might be. Help them to do some research to find out more about them.

Whatever it is you do to celebrate Poetry Month have fun doing it. 

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