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Friday, April 8, 2016

Couples Appreciation

Ten great features that keeps couples together
  • an amazing parent. Can you see them as a great parent for future refrences
  • they open the doors to new things in your life. Whether it be food, hobbies or other it is great to travel through life as you learn things together
  • the complete package , best friend type of relationship. You not only have the one you love to marry but you also have your best friend, partner in crime and someone to spend great moments with.
  • They know the small things about you. They share secrets and knows what makes life special for you.
  • Patience enough to deal with what comes up. My life is busy, I have six children and my husband is our rock to keep us on the path
  • No matter what any one says he is the one that you are physically attractive to. There is just that bit of something something
  • You want to spend time with them whether around the house or no longer vacation trips.
  • They are always striving for more, Whether it be more of a life, more potential in reputation no matter what
  • They can make you laugh. Good for the soul and good for the reputation.

Stress is any relationship. One of the best ways to help keep stress out of your relationship is to have a regular date night A night to get away just the two of you. Get away and enjoy life just a bit. If you like to keep journals then you will love this idea of how to keep track of date nights

A gratitude journal will help you and your partner to keep tract of great date nights as well as things you are simply grateful for. In a notebook keep tract of at least 3 things that you appreciate or feel grateful for about your partner. Start with "I appreciate you because you .....  Both you and your partner keep tract of three things that you love your partner for. In a few months take a moment look back and see how grateful you are for your partner.

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  1. These are some really great tips for what to look for in a partner that will last a lifetime. Someone who can make you laugh is always a plus.


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