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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maple Syrup Day.... 40 years to Maple Syrup

Oh my the above pictures are enough to make me want more. I am smacking my lip wanting some delicious yummy maple syrup. Maple is the distinct flavor that comes from the sap of sugar maple trees Maple trees have been loved for their sap for many years. Colonial times saw Native Americans teaching America settlers how to tap the sap from maple trees.  Maple syrup is created when the sap from the trees  is boiled evaporating and excess liquids is evaporated.

Maple trees are loved for the wood which creates beautiful furniture as well as its size that offers wonderful shade. The maple tree takes its time to grow and share it' wealth. It takes 40 years for  sugar maple tree to be ready to be tapped. However, the sugar maple tree will keep giving once it reaches the sapping stage for an average of 100 years.

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