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Monday, May 18, 2015

Rose Garden tips

I love those old fashioned rose gardens that my grandmother would have. These gardeners have a passion for these gardens of blooming roses. They are simply beautiful and offer a scene that looks awesome. The fragrance in these gardens is nearly as great as the scene itself.
These gardens take trial and practice and experience counts. A few tips to help the roses include
Light is always a needed resource. A good 5 to 6 hours of good daylight sun is needed.
Roses are timid and temperature is always part of their growing. Here in southern Illinois my roses have already started to bloom as the temp has maintained a good 60 to 80 degrees. Summer sun will leave the green here but the flowers will fade. Protecting roses in the fall also makes a difference as cold weather will destroy roses so a good mulching is needed.
water is another resource needed in great demand. Humid soil but not standing wet soil is what the gardener wants to achieve. Fertilizer is after each flush of blooms is also a great need.

Roses only need pruned one time a year. This will help keep roses healthy. Should be done in late winter or early spring. Consider the shape and height of your rose plants before pruning.


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