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Friday, May 22, 2015

Flag Etiquette

This weekend here in the United States is memorial day weekend. A weekend we pay respect for all those that served us as well as to all those who have gone before us. Most Americans understand that the U.S. flag is an important item and stands for freedom and independence. My grand-daughter says the pledge daily in her class and the teacher has taught her the importance. I believe the first place I learned to properly take care of the flag was in elementary and bible school where we always said the pledge. I learned to fold the flag one year at 4H camp as the proper steps were provided to us.

December 22, 1942 was the date the first public laws to properly treat the flag were approved by Congress. There were codes and rules that were given to properly display the U.S. flag. These rules include:

The U.S. flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset on buildings and it should fly flagstaff. There are patriotic sites such as memorials, historical sites or cemeteries where the flag will be allowed to fly through the night.

The flag should be hoisted in a brisk manner and lowered slowly. If the weather outside is bad the flag should not be displayed. Encouragement to hang the flag is given on dates such as New Year's Day, Inauguration Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Washington's Birthday, Army Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day where it should be hanged half staff until noon. Flag day, Independence day, Labor day, constitution day, Columbus day, navy day, veteran's day, thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and other days tatrare rich in state or U.S. recognition days.

The flag should be displayed on or near the main buildings of public institutions, on or near all school buildings on school days, and in or near all polling places on election day.
When carried with other flags the U.S. flag should be on the marching right side or from a staff when hanging from a display.

The flag should never be displayed draped over the hood, top, sides or back of a vehicle , train or boat. If the flag is displayed on a car it must be fixed firmly to the chassis of the car or clamped tot he radiator cap. No flag should be displayed above the U.S. flag or hung to the right

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  1. This is really interesting! I didn't realise there was so many rules about flags, I always just thought they hung there. Thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

    Shannon xx |

  2. you are welcome thanks for stopping by heading over to visit you now


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