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Monday, March 2, 2015

Patch Work Easter Egg Ornament

My grandmother was a quilter and I grew up watching her cut pieces of fabric by hand and when she had some left overs she would allow me to be creative as well. I can remember spending hours with her watching as she pieced together quilts and helped me make creative art as well. She was a one of a kind but I imagine we all think of our grandmas like that. Now that I am a grandma and have a little princess running around here I try to be creative as well I am not the quilter or artist that my grandmother was but I try and with craft ideas like this one inspired by  Clares Craft Room it is easy to allow her a chance to be creative. Just check out this super cute craft for patchwork Easter egg décor

She used paper for her eggs but I think that gluing on fabric would be cute and to me more vintage feeling. Either way have fun selecting your choice of fabric or magazine pages. Cut up into miss match patch work pieces. Cut a large egg shape from out of cardboard, a cereal box works great for this but any thin cardboard would work . Glue all pieces onto the cardboard. Use hole punch to create hole for ribbon and hanger. Now you have a super cute Easter décor ornament

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