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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

National Anthem Day

Star Spangled Banner  the U.S. national anthem was written by Francis Scott Key. I can remember the story being told to our music class by the one and only Carol Randolph. Perhaps Mrs. Randolph had some odd standings but the one thing she knew was her history. I can remember her making it so very realistic in my opinion that is what made it stick so much in our minds. The Star Spangled Banner was written during a terrified moment during the war of 1812. While being kept as a prisoner of war Dr. William Beanes in 1814 was aided by Francis Scott Key who himself would be taken prisoner as well. The sight that Key watched as the bombs head toward the beloved Fort in the darkness and the sunlight to rise and shine light on the flag that still stood in triumph. Francis Scott Key was so inspired that he wrote The Star Spangled Banner.

On March 3, 1931 the song officially became the U.S. national anthem

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