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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunset at Garden of the Gods a beautiful place right here in Southern Illinois just down the road from where I live

Just hanging around and having lots of fun my daughter and son in law were up for the fun at the last community gathering

This lemonade cake inspired by the lemonade I bought from a young man was so very tasty and sweet
Having summer fun and making some funny faces the girls seemed to enjoy being together at the local park
We did this space theme for VBS and the kids really loved it. What are you all doing for your VBS theme?

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  1. wow! i would love to go to the Gardens of the Gods one day. it is gorgeous!
    our VBS theme was sky this year. we had the airport, crew members, first class lounge, etc. thankfully no TSA! LOL

  2. Nice shots - Garden of the Gods looks gorgeous!

  3. That lemon cake looks amazing!

  4. The first photo is gorgeous, and the rest are fun!

  5. oh that Lemonade Cake looks yummy! worthy of submission to a food magazine. I thought Garden of the Gods was in Colorado? surprised to learn there is another place that is as beautiful as Colorado's.

  6. I love the theme of your VBS this year. Ours was Sonrise National Park and we had a lot of fun.


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