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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today July 3, 2012

Outside my window: I can watch my older children outside in their spot is it not funny that they have a sitting place and the only time you may find someone not there is when it pours rain which it has not done for quite a while

I am thinking or rather planning about the remainder of summer. I believe that I will make travel plans through october and then then the savings will turn to the holidays

I am Thankful for: the freedom that my country has blessed me with.

I am Going to go shopping late tonight when the stores have less traffic

I am wearing a striped tee and shorts with no shoes just the way I like it in the middle of summer

I am noticing that my son is very debatable

In the kitchen it is hot and lonely as the kitchen has no a/c and is very hot

I am reading nothing at the present time but thinking about joining the mob of friends reading the 50 shades of gray

I am wondering who will on one of my favorite shows America Has Talent

I am hoping that it cools down a bit

I am looking forward to visiting my grandchildren again

Around the house I have did little with all the heat the laundry was done and the teens cleaned the rest

I am pondering these words Happy 4th of July

One of my favorite things my laptop it keeps me quite busy

A few plans for the rest of the week... work a lot of it looks like about 44 hours at work this week with plenty of blogging and housework to do as well

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