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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Music Our Spotlight Dance and Broadway Music

We were awarded the Spotlight Dance for our last week entry Daddy's Eyes that we shared on Monday Music Moves Me

Spotlight Dancers

Broadway musicals is the theme this week at

I think it is a wonderful theme full of fun and passion. I have never been to Broadway but must say that the musicals that our local area performs is awesome. One of the ones me and some old high school friends were recently recalling was Annie Get Your Gun This was not only a fun time for the entire high school but memories were built that have lasted will last a lifetime. One of our favorite songs I Can Do Anything you Can Do Better

This next video is from the Sound of Music and is actually one of the high school math teachers at our local high school. The talent she has, well I love it and hope you do as well.


  1. Love your selections!
    This meme makes me want to go to a real live show.

    Congrats too on being featured! Thank you for linking up with us.

    Aloha :)

  2. That teacher you know is a hoot for sure. Great picks and CONGRATS on being in the Spotlight. Hope you have tons of fun. See you next week.

  3. Congratulations on being in the spotlight.
    Thanks for sharing your picks from two of my favorite musicals - of which I have MANY!
    Looking forward to your choices next Monday. Have a nice week.

  4. I love to go to our local theater and I always enjoyed our son and his High School theater plays, there is just something about live theater.

    I totally enjoyed your videos and the Math teacher was great!!!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  5. Wow, that is quite a talent and funny.

    Have a great week and congrats on the spotlight.

  6. Those were awesome, Annie! Some of the local productions can be so much fun to go to - especially when you know someone in them. ;) Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

    this just in: Rise Above One – Boy Falls From The Sky Defying Gravity

  7. I was in plays in Jr.High (not musicals), and made sure to see all the plays in high school. Loved them all. Thanks for sharing these.

  8. CONGRATS on the SPotlight.
    Cool that you have been in a few plays. I was in Sound of Music. :)
    ~Naila Moon

  9. Congrats on the spotlight! Great choices!

  10. OMG so awesome!!!! I'll bet her students were loving it, haha!


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