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Monday, September 5, 2011

Morel Mushrooms Nearly Price of Gold

This shocked the daylights out of me wow!!!! we used to find and pick these for free on my grandparents farm. How many lbs do you think you want????

Smiling Sally food highlights


  1. With the mark-up at the grocery store, that's probably right on. We find upwards of 1000 morels each spring here (we live right on the edge of a state forest in Michigan). We dehydrate ours and store them well, but a neighbor sells his for $30.00 a pound. It is crazy; I agree.

  2. ex-husband used to bring these home by the bagful when he went out hunting. That is a crazy price and would hate to mess them up! I am following you back from my blog. Have a wonderful week and send your daughter over to visit Diba Bronx for shoes and get that discount because they have such incredible deals and wonderful employees. I am sure she will find something that she likes and 50% off the entire order is a steal! Mamalou's Gems (Lisa)

  3. i dont eat mushrooms...but anyway, visiting from BM!:-)


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