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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Snap EZ one size pocket diaper review

My children were born during the disposable diaper era and that is what we chose to use. My mother used cloth diapers on us as they were easy to find, easy to care for and easy to use. Now my daughter and sister in law have the same privilege. Cloth diapers have come a long way from the era my mom used them til now.

Snap-EZ stands by their products and the principle of combining high quality products and friendly customer service The leader of the company a homeschooling mom to 11 children who range from ages of toddlers to adults she desires the company to be high quality with great customer service in order to meet the needs of families. The goal is to make raising children more economical and a better experience and believe it starts with Snap EZ diapers. As a mother of 11 she has 18 years of diapering children, 6 years experience as a professional seamstress and several years of business experience as well. With all that going for the Snap EZ company you still may be thinking that there are several cloth diaper companies on the market what makes this one different? Well let me tell you about the Snap EZ products. Snap EZ products are all handmade (no mass production) They strive to make designs that attract to the lifestyle of today to make cloth diapering a way of life for more people. The materials used are top of the line with highest quality. One other thing they do is that the products are tested on a variety of children before the new product is introduced to the customer.

Look at the rainbow of colors the Snap EZ one size pocket diaper is available in. Oh the variety of colors and outfits that could be worn to match. Girls colors, boys colors and those that are for either are available. The One Size Pocket Diaper Snap EZ grows with your little one and fits sizes from 8 to 28 lbs.

Buy: you can find EZ Snap diapers at Currently there is a sale going on where the Snap EZ eco training pants are marked $1 off each. You can keep up to date with all the great sales and ongoing by signing up for their newsletter.

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