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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sub_Urban Riot review

I love the Sub_Urban Riot look. I have a daughter who does not do a lot of dressing up yet needs to look great. I received the tee "you are just perfect" from Sub_urban Riot. I think it is perfect for her. It looks like any great tee sporty look like she loves but a little bit of classy fun as well. The Sub_urban Riot look is one that is fun spirited and youthful.

Sub_urban Riot is made up of individuals that insist you neither believe they are too serious or a band of renegades. They are out for some fun in life and in the world. Sub_urban Riot was founded in mellow Pacific Northwest before migrating to Venice CA. The Sub_urban Riot look has been determined by a combination of ideas they found along the way. The look is simplicity with a spin with a feeling that will keep the clothing line looking great year after year. The goal is that the clothing that you buy will look good in season and out as well as this year and the next.

You can purchase the Sub_Urban Riot clothing line directly off their website located at With any order over $40 there is free shipping available and receive a free hat with any purchase.

as I stated we did receive a free tee but this did not influence my opinion it was simply used for review.

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