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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My random thoughts


have you ever been in an argument that you are not for sure that you are mad at the person but over the topic? The problem was i was protecting my children and I felt as if he was being taken advantage of. In the end we both just felt bad and sorry the issue ever occurred.

the weather here can not make up its mind nice and warm one day a whole lot cooler the next I wish spring would hurry up and get here. I am tired of the cold and desire to be warm again. I so want to see the sun again

My adult son is home from college after dropping out for a semester and return in the summer/fall at another college. I am just worried a bit about him as he has decided while being gone he is his own boss. There is not much that me and his dad can tell him and he listens to. It seems that when financial matters are discussed is the only thing that gains his attention.

My daughter on the other hand is ready for college looking forward to leaving, reminding us daily and striving to get ready. Does this mean her room is clean? No for sure I wonder how she will be in college going to classes, studying, and having fun and still keeping her dorm room looking good. Good Luck is all I have to say. She may fool me though it is always possible I guess.

what are your random thoughts this morning? The Un Mom is taking the day off so the Bitchin' Wives Club is hosting today


  1. Kids and their growing pains. It is hard for us parents to let go a bit.

    RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up

  2. The weather is just crazy everywhere it seems.

    Enjoy your RTT.

  3. i wish the weather would fix here too! i want pretty days. for good.

    thanks for stopping by


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