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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Healthy Way Slow Cooking

Often we use the slow cooker for convenience in speed, ease and because our day is long enough as it is. Have you ever thought of the heath value to slow cooking? A newsletter that I receive had a great article in slow cooking and you can read it here.

Slow Cooking helps break down the temptation of eating out because when you all ready have a prepared dinner at home that you can eat why run out for dinner? When I used to work we did this a lot I just felt too tired to head home and prepare a meal so on the way home we would pop in and pickup dinner to go. The slow cooker allows you to put a meal on to cook for several hours then go home and enjoy.

Often the liquid called for in slow cooker meals is broth or water. Neither broth or water add fat or calories to the food. Meat cooked in slow cookers come out tender and juicy which is an added bonus to me. No more tough meat from over cooking in the oven. To make quick and simple meal simply cook vegie, meat all in one pot. These simple meals also eliminate the pre packaged meals that were found in our freezer. The crockpot meal boosted nutrients and we were able to decide for ourselves how much salt and sugar was in the meal we cooked.

Do you slow cook? Maybe you should try it as well.

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  1. Oh I know...I love the slow cooker. Sometimes I just put the meat in, not even knowing what I will do with it...but I might make beef burritos with shredded beef, or shepherds pie out of it, or barbeque beef etc. But as long as I have the meat already cooked it is a snap to finish dinner.


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