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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanking God is a daily tradition in our house but their is a yearly tradition as well. Thanksgiving is the day to give thanks and while the dinner and festivities may not take long at all the planning, shopping, cooking and the work behind the scenes may go on for weeks. It is very beneficial to plan ahead because planning ahead allows you to prepare your self for the large Holiday. Today in Sunday School I asked the group of first graders what their family normally does for Thanksgiving. One little girl told me her mama does not cook well and so they go to eat with family on that day. A second child told me they have a tradition to go out and eat and a third child child was not for sure what they will be doing. Do you have plans for the holiday? Whether you are going somewhere, staying home or eating out the time for planning is now.
Planning Ahead will allow you to prepare and be ready for the holidays. Shopping early will ease the countdown tension of your meal if you are doing the cooking. I love to shop early because it is not that last minute frantic shopping trip but the relaxed knowing what you will be cooking with all the ingredients on hand. Here are some useful questions that can help you plan ahead:
  • Do you want a fresh or frozen turkey?
  • Do you have enough space to store a frozen bird if purchased in advance; if not, when should you purchase a turkey?
  • What size bird do you need to buy?
  • Who all will be coming for dinner?
  • What side dishes will you prepare, can they be made ahead of time?
  • What desserts will be made, can they be prepared ahead of time?
  • will the guest be bringing dishes as well and if so who will bring what?

Don't let your self be worried over Thanksgiving day after all you don't want to let the turkey know what is happening just yet.

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