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Monday, November 9, 2009

Natures Gate review

Natures Gate:

Recently we received the opportunity to review Natures Gate hygiene products. The scent of these products we received were terrific and after learning a bit about the company came as no surprise. Thirty (30) years of experience of nature and health products they have created a reputation for creating terrific products that also are great for the earth. All of the Natures Gate products reflect ongoing efforts to preserve the earths natural resources by being environmentally friendly and cruelty free.
We received a few of the Natures Gate body washes to test and let me tell you they smell great and I love them all. In fact upon receiving I smelled the delicious aromas and knew at once that they would be great. I showered with the body wash and also loved the performance. It lathered up well and worked great.
Buy you can purchase the Nature Gate body washes or any of the other great products on their website located at

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