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Monday, October 26, 2009

Smile Squad

Halloween has a notorious bad reputation of being bad for kids teeth. That is why I am so happy that Delta Dental has fought back creating a Smile Squad. The Smile Squad has been designed to gain kids attention while they learn about caring for their teeth. The Smile Squad is composed of a group of hero's who not only use good habits their selves but also work together using these good habits and smart actions to destroy the bad "Captain Cavity" and his band of "Mouth marauders as they seek to destroy kids' oral health.

The website is meant to both allow the child to be entertained and be educated about good oral care. Your child can meet and get to know both the villains and the hero's better. Allowing them to see what they both eat and that the healthier version allows the hero to overcome the bad guy. Your child can play the toothpaste shooter game or the card game that is available on the website. In addition your child may want to sign up to be part of the Smile Squad helping to promote care of your child's teeth. There is lots of fun and activities to be found on the Delta site.

Delta Dental is the nations largest dental benefits carrier and wants to help you care for your child's attention. Hopefully by introducing them to a bit of fun in the area of dental care your child will want to take better care of their teeth. Some other fun tips to get your child to caring for his teeth are:

  • Trade places: Tired of prying your way in whenever it's time to brush those little teeth? Why not reverse roles and let the child brush your teeth? It’s fun for them and shows them the right way to brush

  • Take turns: Set a timer and have the child brush their teeth for 30 seconds. Then you brush their teeth for 30 seconds. Repeat this at least twice

  • Call in reinforcements: If children stubbornly neglect to brush or floss, maybe it's time to change the messenger. Call the dental office before the next checkup and let them know what's going on. The same motivational message might be heeded if it comes from a third party.

Perhaps with the hero's fighting on your side and a few of the crafty tricks you will be able to win the battle of good oral health with your child.


  1. Angie, your blog is certainly interesting. I can see you put a huge amount of time in your posts. Great info of great interests.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. What an informative and interesting blog. Since I am not around small children much anymore, I am not aware of important news regarding a child. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place for a visit.


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