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Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspirational Week


I reckon you could say my inspiration this week is for others. Oh you should have seen us working so hard on creating a dramatic scene at our church known as Judgement house. We work super hard and truly love to share the message with others. This year is our 10th year and I am more involved than any other year. I am not sure how this happened I just know it did. The theme is a airplane crash where people parish. You will have to recognize that there are those that believe and those that do not. Just in life there is that spirit of free will. The drama will share a message through actions that has often been told but never held up. Wednesday through Saturday the play will go on. That is why this is not only my inspiration for today but for the entire week. What is your inspiration this week? Share it at the blog maternal spark

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  1. That's a good inspiration. I really enjoy church's drama productions. I guess I enjoy any that has a true message and is also entertaining.

    I posted my weekly inspiration and linked through at Maternal Spark as well.


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