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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

National Lollipop Day

Lollipops by name originated in Northern England in 18th century. But they were different that what we refer to as a lollipop. During the 18th century soft candy was called lolly pops. It was not until the early 1900s that lollipops would appear in the U.S.

1908 would see the McAviney Candy company in Racine Wisconsin create hard candy on a stick. Wooden sticks were used to stir the candy and there was always candy left on the stick. Employees would give the remnants of candy on a stick to their kids. As they grew popular the company started mass producing candy on a stick.
At the same time in 1908 the Bradley Smith started producing candy on a stick as well. George Smith the owner of the company get the credit for the name lollipop. The treat that he created was named after his favorite race horse " Lolly Pop" The trademark office first refused his request because the term was originally used by the English. In the 1930s however, Smith was granted the trademark and now the word is a public domain word. 

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