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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For The Love of Bacon

National Flitch Day arises from an ancient English custom that dates back to at least the 14th century. Flitch refers to a measurement of bacon, now commonly refered to as a slab. Married couples were awarded a flitch of bacon if they did not repent on their marriage for a year and a day. To do this a trial of sorts where monks would judge would take place. The couple would swear their love and faithfullness to each other and that they had made it through the needed year and did not wish to be single again. The flitch of bacon (1/2 lb) would be the reward. English settlers brought the tradition to America with them. This tradition did not last long in America

The flitch trials are still hosted in Great Dunmow England every year on leap year. There are six maidens and six bachelors are now the judges. The reward is still a flitch of bacon. Great Dunmow is the only place where the flitch trials still take place. July 19th is still the date to remember. Have a delicious bacon sandwich with friend and converse over the love in your lives.

National Flitch Day celebrated on July 19 does not involve the trial, it is just supposed to remind of the tradition.

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