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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mexican Stew

This recipe can be rather frugal and delicious at the same time. At our local grocery stores you can find beef stew meat at a rather low price, rice is always on hand and with garden in full production veggies are mostly on hand as well. 

Beef stew meat.Or and beef you like. 
About 10 Chile Guajillos
Half cup of rice 
Fresh Garlic
2 chicken cubes flavor (Consume de Pollo)
Or ANY Vegetables you love 

You get a pot of water ready to boil adding a whole onion cut in half, 4 pieces of garlic, Cut your meat in an inch pieces and put in pot, Add to the Boling pot.Add salt and pepper,2 chicken cubs.30 minutes later add all your vegetables and rice. Then you open your chile Guajillos in half to take out the seeds.In a small separate little pot boil the Chile guajillo with half onion and 3 garlic pieces.When chiles are soft. Blend with some water from the Big pot.Drain everything in big pot with a drainer and throw whats left.Boil for 20 more minutes or until done. Enjoy

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