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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dog House Repairs Month

July is National Dog House Repairs Month. Many dogs are not able to stay inside but still deserve a great place to say. Our dogs are what you would consider inside / outside dogs. They  each have a doghouse outside and a great place to sleep inside. As an owner it is up to me and you to ensure our dogs and where they stay are in tip top condition. 

Our dogs use their outside doghouses to get out of rain, sun, and relax. Check the doghouse and ensure that it is in good state of repair. If you find problems fix them. The doghouse should be waterproof and insulated. If your doghouse is wooden check to see if any portions are chewed and need repairs. Pressure treated wood contains arsenic and should never be used to help repair or build doghouses. If your dog should lick or chew on it he could get highly sick.
While checking the wood ensure there are no nails or screws that are sticking out. These could cause injury to your pet. 
We purchased our doghouse and it is portable so it can be moved to a shady area in the hot summer months. In the winter when our dog goes out we make sure that our dog can get sun without facing towards the wind Ensure that your doghouse can be moved or placed so that they are taken care of year round weather

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