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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

I was looking through pictures and found this one. This is my lil buddy holding my princess. How sweet. I am not sure who took this picture I know it was in my house but when I am not sure of that one either. Whoever is taking the picture they are looking straight at. Look at his little smile you can tell he is a bit proud.


  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your blog and will have to add it as a favorite.

    Yes, the socks I make are sold at my Etsy shop. Maybe we could discuss a giveaway/product review on your blog! There's lots of cute items there for your Princess! You can go here to check it out...

  2. How adorable they both are! Happy W/W!

  3. That is a very sweet picture. Makes ya wanna have more babies-lol. Thanks for sharing.

    Bridgette Groschen

  4. They look so cute! I hope he still takes good care of her today :o)


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