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Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is the mid month wind down week and here is what suppers will be

1/ pork chops, potatoes

2/ Mexican cheeseburger mac

3/ barbq chicken legs, veggie casserole

4/ Frito pie

5/ chicken / dumpling

6/ sloppy Joe, tots

7/ grill cheese/ soup

That is what my week looks like what are you having? Share I could use some ideas for next month. Please either leave links or idea.


  1. Good looking menu:) I will follow you too, once I get the window for it to load. Internets being difficult today.

  2. Love reading your blog!I use I heard of the website while listening to dave Ramsey and thought I would try it out. I do tend to switch it up and make it fit into our family, depending on our nightly activities going on.

    But for tonight, we are having sloppy joe's corn and tater tots!

    What about soup and grilld cheese?


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