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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fave 5: January 22, 2010

It's Friday again, the week went rather fast this week. But on Friday we have the chance to join Susanne and list our top 5.
  1. As a kid my uncle would go to Texas every year and bring back large sacks of grapefruits and oranges to my mom. These were delicious and I loved to snack on them. I fell in love with the delicious fruits again. I did notice there has been a price increase as well But the taste is still simply wonderful
  2. I love how it is just about 3 weeks til Valentines and my teens are either been sought after or are seeking a sweet heart. It is very funny how that has happened. I remember when they would cuddle with their mom on valentines and now they are seeking to have a sweetheart of their own.
  3. I have enjoyed the weather this week. Even today all though it was not as warm as a few we have had it was not cold. I am so happy to have that long bout of cold over. I am sure that it is not over for the winter season but I am happy now to just have temps above freezing.
  4. There is a wonderful movie out that has been produced by a youth minister. The name of this movie is To Save A Life. If this movie is playing any where near you take time and watch it. It is worth it and why not take a teen with you to the movies and watch it together?
  5. All though the earthquake in Haiti and all the following after math problems has been terrible. I must say watching as everyone in all walks of life come together to offer help in any way they can is wonderful.

these are my top 5 what are yours?


  1. Temps over freezing are so much better to deal with. Love grapefruit and oranges...yum.
    Oh dear your kids are at the sweetheart stage...brace yourself.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Our weather has been warmer too and it has been a huge blessing. I'm not a fan of the cold.

    My husband brought home a ton of oranges last night, but they were only from the grocery store so probably not as good as the ones you're talking about.

    I'll be on the lookout for that movie. Sounds like a winner!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. We've been eating lots of oranges this year too, but I haven't found reasonable grapefruit yet. Soon, I hope.

    Nice weather is a blessing.

  4. We celebrate Valentines WITH our if they are not betrothed (?) to anyone, they still have mom and dad to let them know they are loved always. It is funny though to see the kids get all giggly and almost desperate about having a Valentine. RIght now, of MY 6 ,I have the older three settled with "sweethearts", two that are still too young, BUT one 17 year old to keep our eyes on! SHe's the giddy, giggly one. Lord, help us;)

    My Friday Faves would be:
    1.The Wonderful thick and soft sherling blanket my hubby bought me for am always cold and it is my new bff! (Well, 'cept for him:)

    2.The Fact that we have LESS than 2 months til spring (on the CALENDAR...and that means we might get warmth of spring even BEFORE this).

    3.The smell of my house today after baking oatmeal Scotchies, even though they came out a bit flat.

    4.AN uncluttered weekend upon us...only 2 Basketball games for our 12 year old, and the rest relaxing!(Well, and laundry, and bedding, and cooking and cleaning messy they bring in from outside.

    5. I got a hot bath with E salts today and it DID seem to make me a bit better.

    Hope it was OK to share Faves even though I dont blog! i like yours!!!

  5. Oranges and grapefruits and much warmer weather, Valentine getting nearer, we're definitely getting closer towards Spring season! It looks like a great week, have a lovely weekend!

  6. What a great FFF my friend. We have an orange tree in our yard...It's wonderful to be able to go get them right off the tree and eat 'em :)

  7. Citrus is my favorite! And I hear ya about the teens/sweethearts thing - one of mine is doing that too!

  8. Stopping by to follow and say hello with Friday Follow. Hope you have an fantastic weekend.


  9. I've enjoyed a warm break in the winter weather as well.

    A really good fresh orange is really good!

  10. We had a week or so of above freezing weather and it was really nice. We're back to snow today. But I don't mind.

    I bought a bag of blood oranges this week and we've been enjoying those!

    I'll have to watch for the movie too.


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