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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday 6 : Kids Being Testy

6 ways your children tested you this week

This would be like one for each child since I have six children so in order from oldest to youngest

  1. While not her fault because all parents go through it my oldest daughter did an awful lot of short temper and wining this week. Princess is sick and as we all know it takes quite a bit of patience to deal with a sick child with love. I must say that I am proud of her for taking such good care of Princes but I do think she needs a bit of sleep herself.

  2. money for college faces allot of parents and that is what I have been dealing with with my eldest son. Whether he was going to be able to go back to school and live in the dorm became in question when I received a letter that said that the program we were paying under was ending the program. Wait a minute what was this all about. Through no fault of my son (well maybe a bit for setting it up himself and not really getting help) I had been paying late fees rather than on the loan itself. All caught up now and believe me none too early

  3. With my middle daughter it is the fact that she has started to keep all to herself not wanting to share her thoughts and feelings anymore with her mom. This is new to me since most my children will one way or another let me know what is on their minds. This game is a bit like pulling teeth and I don't pull to hard when I find out that she is doing o.k. I let go and have her come to me on her own time. This is a space I am not used to but bare with me as we go along this path of parenthood

  4. My middle son is dealing with allot of stress aggression and I am dealing with the attitude that it travels with. It is his senior year and while he is deciding what to do with his life like what college to attend, what to do after school and lately what girl to date I just wait for him to talk and pray his attitude is not to bad.

  5. My youngest daughter is also a senior but because of her disabilities we are all on hot wire as what will come next. It is always a daily struggle with her attitude because we are not sure what will trigger her. Lately though she has been proud of herself and I am proud of her. My frustration with her though is not about her but for her. What will come next is the question here.

  6. My youngest son has recently been not getting along with his teachers and I guess this would be frustrating to any parent. But after raising and putting 6 children through school I know the teachers by now. So this is a big test for me as to what will happen next and how to solve the problem so it is better for all.


  1. Isn't Follow Friday great! I am a new follower, and look forward to reading lots more of your great posts!

    Stop by and say hi!

  2. My 3-year-old is testy...she's going to be the death of me as she gets older, I can already tell. LOL

  3. Hi Annie.
    I can't believe they would end the college payment thing- wow.
    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Kids are stressful little creatures aren't they? But you have to love them.


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