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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Homemade Snow Globes

Homemade Snow Globe
You will need:
Clear glass jar with screw-on lid
Waterproof figures or objects that will fit into the jar (Plastic is best)
Hot glue, or other waterproof glue (Aquarium sealant from a pet store, or clear silicone caulk from the hardware store are both excellent for this craft, though each takes longer to dry than hot glue.)
Silver or white glitter
Cold water

Start by removing the lid from the jar. Save the lid and place the jar open side up on the table. Glue waterproof figures into the open side of the lid. Let the glue dry completly. Fill the glass jar with cold water, leaving 1/2 inch of air space at the top. Stir in the glitter, a bit at a time. Stop asdding glitter when you see the amount you would like swirling around as you stir. MOre is not always better. Squeeze some glue along the threaded top of the jar where the cap will screw on. Do not let the glue dry. Take the cap, with te figures or objects and carefully screw it onto the jar, tightly Let the glue dry. This should form a waterproof seal but do not turn over until your are certian the seal has formed.

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