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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eden Fantasy : Review the Honeymoon Carry On Bag

If you have been a reader of mine for long then you know that I have been married for quite a few years. In fact that we celebrated our twenty third year together this month. Wow!!! that seems like a long time but the years have gone by quite quickly and with a lot of love. Some of you may say that you can understand how much love we have because we have six (6) children. Our love together is great and in fact the passion in our love is still as great as it ever has been. One reason is that we look for new ways to spice up our love life quite often. EdenFantasys is a great place to get those little things that will help keep a love life spiced up. As you remember I have reviewed/hosted giveaways for EdenFantasys a few different times. and the wonderful products that I have shared with you on this blog we have enjoyed as a couple. So when I was offered the chance for another giveaway opportunity I thought that in honor of my anniversary and the road that we had traveled together that the honeymoon carry on bag would be great to share.

The carry on bag is a nice piece of luggage that only those that you want to share the secret of whats inside the bag will know. Inside are many different items to have fun while on a romantic get away or in the comforts of your own bedroom. Items inside the bag include:

  • Tapered candles that help to set the mood for what is romance without a bit of candle light?
  • There is a special set of cards that can set the mood. Their is more than royalty and numbers found on this deck of cards as this deck of cards is a special deck of fore playing cards. The cards help direct the movements of destiny and the surprise of the draw makes it all the funner
  • Don't worry after the body is all tensed up from delighting the one you love give each other a massage with the massage oils that can also be found inside the bag.
  • Perhaps you want to do more than just massage your partner perhaps you would also like to create a piece of artwork using the edible body paint included in the bag.
  • To make the party even funner perhaps you will have fun with the furry handcuffs and blindfold.
  • After this investigate the remaining items in the bag using the amount of pleasure and fun you are comfortable with.

The bag will stay locked and secured so no one else will know your secrets and you can store til the next time when you both find a bit of time to share a romantic time together.

You can purchase your own products ranging from sexy lingerie to the sensual products of your choice from Eden Fantasys.


  1. I think this is great for an anniversary get-away, even more so than for a honeymoon. The massage oils sound wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree, great for an Anniversary getaway. What a neat package they put together!

  3. Looks like just the ticket to spice it up on a getaway!!

  4. I love eden fantasies...they have great lingerie :)


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