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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marriage Tip for today

As I said earlier you can subscribe to daily marriage tips at this link

Yesterday they shared a great way to resolve conflict today their tip is to

Resolving an argument: Strategy #2 COMPROMISE. Sometimes taking turns or finding a middle ground is acceptable. Try it before going on to the harder strategies. Tomorrow: #3

Compromise: something I tell my kids to do often, something that we have learned to do in life and something that can resolve an argument in a marriage. Sounds great to me. In fact that is what we often do here. We compromise often by making deals he gets to ..... and then I will be able to ..... You fill in the blanks


  1. We always compromise and meet in the middle somewhere. It just has to be that way otherwise things blow up and someone ends up upset.

  2. We always try to compromise on things too. If we don't, even silly little things can become big.

  3. It's compromise and mutual esteem.


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