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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Peanut butter and Chocolate Pudding Parfaits

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pudding Parfaits
1 package (6 serving size 4.6 oz.) vanilla cook and serve pudding and pie filling
3 1/2 c milk
1 c reese's peanut butter chips
1 c mini kisses chocolate candy
whip topping
mini kisses for top
Mix milk and pudding. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly til mix comes to a full boil. Remove from heat: divide hot mix between 2 heatproof bowls. Immediately pour pb chips into mix in one bowl and mini kisses into second bowl. Stir mix til chips are melted and mix are smooth. Cool, stir occasionally. Alternately layer pb and chocolate mix in parfait dishes, wine glasses or dessert dishes. Cover with plastic wrap and chill 6 hours. Garnish with kisses.


  1. The two best flavors together. Must be yummy.

  2. This is very reminiscent of Reeses peanut butter cups, so I'll bet it's a big hit with your family and friends. Thank you for participating in Save Room for Dessert at Our Krazy Kitchen.


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