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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marriage Tip for Today

I have been sharing the marriage tips that I recieve through a newsletter each day. You can subscribe to this service if you wish by going here

Their tip today:

Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about equality between the races. In marriage we call this mutuality. Is there any area of your marriage you want to be more equal (chores, parenting, income, affection)?

My take:

While I can say as a mom of 6 and a wife I would love to have more equality in chores. In the past we had a chore chart where everyone was to do their share of the work. Now that the kids have started getting older it has became easier but I still must ask for help. I hope one day that this gets to where the jobs are just done because someone sees it needs to be done

What do you think about today's tip? What would you want more equal in life?

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