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Friday, January 22, 2021

The Confederate Flag

Did you know that the confederate flag was not the original flag of the southern states that succeeded?? The flag the bars and stars was the first flag that was accepted by the 7 early states that left the union. 

This flag was used first on March 5, 1861 but it was hard to distinguish between the American flag and the new flag. During the Battle of Bull Run, the first battle of the Civil War, the Stars and Bars Flag of the 7 states was hard to distinguish from the Union Stars and Stripes. Thus making it difficult to distinguish between the Union Stars and Stripes and the Southern Bars and Stars.  

After the battle the Confederate commanders demanded a new flag. In November 1861 they were granted and the first flags were issued. It seemed in fact there were many battle flag patterns representing the area they were from but the one flag most accepted was the "Southern Cross" 

After the war much had changed but the Confederate Battle Flag would continue to remain one of the most recognizable symbol of the Confederate States of America. It was not until the end of the 1900s that groups in the south challenged the practice of flying the Confederate Battle Flag on public buildings. To many the flag recalled thoughts of Southern heritage the way things used to be and the sacrifices of those that did not want to see a lifestyle change and went to battle. However, those against the flag thought that it stood for resemblance of racism and slavery and fought to have it removed.

The confederate flag has been used many times in many different ways The white supremacy adopted the flag as its own placing a dark light on the flag. During the 1960s and 1970s the landscape was dotted with confederate flags as well as street names and statues to resemble the past as well. This would all change in time as a political war of power would begin.  Thus placing a stigmatism on the confederate flag that would see controversies at the local, state and national levels. 

The battle to reduce the flag's profile on public property was waged. The truth is the confederate battle flag did not fade into history in 1865 but rather was kept alive and took on new uses and new meanings and continues to be part of the ever changing history of the United States While some see a historical and symbol of pride in the flag others see hate. 

Perhaps you would consider me a rebel. I am not sure but the Confederate flag will never stand as tall as the American flag or the Christian flag but still I have some pride and empathy for it. i do not come from a southern state but since a teen age girl I have lived just miles away from the border line of Kentucky and have learned much history thru the stories that have been passed down. Many use the flag in the wrong way and that I am ashamed of but I still love the dixie flag. 

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