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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Color of Purple


If you paid any attention on todays inaguration then you may have noticed the color purple. In fact not only this year but in past inagurations purple has been a primary color. One may think that this makes sense since the president is to help bring the democrats and republicans together so the colors of blue and red mixing to make purple signifies mixing the politics of the country together. Thus hopefully making the United States Great again.

Other colors such as white and gold are great colors of symbolism as well. White is the emblem of purity, gold is the color of light and life the same color as Mrs. Libertys torch leading our lives with purpose, pure and unswerving. Purple also stands for the act of suffragette. Thus making sense that Harris, the new vice president who wore black to her victory speech when Biden-Harris won the  election would wear purple another great suffragette color to the swearing in. 

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