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Sunday, August 2, 2020

National Immunization Month have You been Vaccinated

August for many means back to school. Back to school month also means a time to ensure that our childrens health is current. National Immunization Awareness Month occurs each year in August. It is not just a time for our children to ensure their vaccination is up to date but that individuals of all ages are up to date on immunizations. Heath care professionals, parents, and patients are all responsible for ensuring that immunizations are completed so all stay healthy

For many parents the decsion to vaccine their child or not can be a hard one. While most parents follow the recomended vacine schedule others may have a bit of doubt. There is a lot of information out there and some of it is incorrect information so what is one to do?? One of the most important things to do is to talk to your childs doctor about any concerns you may have. 

The job of vaccines is to prevent diseases.  Diseases that can be prevented by vacines can be dangerous and at times deadly Measles, mumps, pertussis or any of the diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. Some may say that vaccines are no longer needed as the number has decreased, however no parent wants to take a risk with their child's health or life. Perhaps you are one of the parents that do all they can to protect their child but has second thoughts when it comes to vaccines, why should you when you do all you can to prevent other types of accidents why not prevent un-needed health issues as well. 

Just so you can stay up to date here is a list of important immunizations

Vaccines go through extensive lab testing before they become available to the public. This helps to ensure that it is safe and effective for use. They may take as many as several years to be sure that they are ready to use Even after they are allowed to use a vaccine the FDA, CDC, and other agencies help to monitor that they are safe to use. 

What is your stance on immunizations?? 

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