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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

IS It TIme TO See The Eye Doctor

For our family back to school always meant it was time for our annual eye exam. We would all load in the car and drive to the local eye doctor, only an hour away and see if we needed glasses. The answer for me was yes I would have them just like my dad. But what if you do not have a plan for an annual eye exam??? Well there are a few different ways you will know that you have to go to the eye doctor:

  • if you find that your eyes are red, dry, itchy or you are seeing spots, flashes of light or floaters it is time to go to the eye doctor
  •  If you have diabetes or othr health conditions that can affect your eyes or you have a family member that has a history of a condition like diabetes or glaucoma you should go to the eye doctor
  • If the last time you saw an eye doctor to have an eye exam has been longer than a year or if you can not recall when it was you last went you should see an eye doctor. 
  • IF you have eye strain, headaches, and / or blurred vision you should see the eye doctor. 
  • if you find it hard to following a moveing target or you get motionsickness or dizzy when doing so you should see an eye doctor. 
  • If to read you find yourself holding books further away and squint or close one eye to read then you should see and eye doctor. 

Don't wait until you experience any of these 8 things before you schedule an eye exam. When was  your last visit to the eye doctor. 

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