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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Start a Compost Waste To Help Your Plants

You most likely may have heard about composting but many may not have started composting their selves. This may be easier if you have a green thumb and like to offer your plants the best. Composting helps to enrich the soil in your garden thus making it fertile and helping your plants. Don't worry if you are a plant lover then there is still time to start composting. 

What do you need???

well this is really rather simple. Most of us have scraps left over after preparing veggies to cook, leaves left from the fall, coffee grounds and the list goes on. 

a place to start your compost whether it is purchased or you simply choose a container laying around the home. Make sure it is large enough to stir around

A place to keep your compost waste. It most likely will have a odor as it is rotting. It needs to be a place where animals can not get to. It needs to be able to be kept in a place that the breeze can help keep it aerated. Water is also important as it should stay moist

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picture and more information can be found at University California Cooperation Extension

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  1. We started a compost bin but it got full much quicker than we can use any of the compost that was created!


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