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Monday, August 26, 2019

Back To School Safety Tips ::: Street Safety

Back to school time means that a lot of changes will occur. For one it means early morning wake ups for many when they may have been sleeping in a bit longer. This may mean that many may be in a bit more of a rush. Perhaps this may lead to making decisions that are also rushed and at times may lead to dangerous consequences.

One area that needs a bit more attention is when drivers are letting their kids off for school. I know that the school drop off is often congested. At times there are those drivers and kids that take a bit longer than normal in the drop off lane. Yet,,, all to often there are those that are in a rush and do not take their turn properly thus not paying attention to others.

August is designated as back to school safety month. One way we can all be safer is to ensure safety when driving. Here are some tips that will help parents and children alike to get to school safely:


  • slow down when driving through residential neighborhoods and school zones
  • take the needed time to look for kids at crossings, on curbs and even along the roadside as we all know sometimes kids do not cross correctly
  • When backing out of driveways and driving through alleys go slowly and drive carefully
  • Stay off your phone while driving
Tips for School Kids:

  • younger kids should cross the street with an adult 
  • follow the cross guard whenever possible 
  • cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks
  • Never run out into the street or cross in between parked cars
  • Measure rule to remember is to cross in front of the bus so that the driver can see them 
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