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Sunday, June 30, 2019


Happy Asteroid day!!!

Asteroids are minor planets that exist in the inner solar system. These objects orbit the sun but are not considered planets and were a lot like comets. It is believed that there are millions of asteroids that orbit the sun. Many of these can be found between mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are made up of mineral and rock and are larger than one meter in length.

The United Nations declared June 30th as International Asteroid Day. Today is the day to educate about asteroids. On June 30th
 1908 an asteroid named Tunguska impacted over Siberia Russia It is believed that the earth is due to be hit with an asteroid sometime in the future but noone knows when. However, if we could simply devise a space machine like they had in that game Asteroid that was so popular in the late '70s and 80s.

The asteroid is a space themed multi directional shooter arcade game. The game was created by Rains, Logg and Walsh and released to play in 1979 by Atari. In the game the player controls a spaceship that is in an asteroid field and occasional UFOs. To win the player shoots and destroys the asteroids and saucers without hitting anything in the path. As the game goes on the number o asteroids increases. The game Asteroids was one of the first games during the golden age of arcade games. Other arcade games such as defender and gravitar were created with the game asteroid in mind.

I can recall hours of playing the arcade game. Did you ever play the game??

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