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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May Day

The first day of may is also known as May Day. It is a time to celebrate spring and has been around since ancient pagan times. The Celtics observed the feast known as "Beltane" and honored the sun god by lighting bonfires as they welcomed spring back. However, the celts were not the only ones that celebrated the fact winter was over.

Ancient Romans celebrated "Floralia" or a "Festival of Flowers". The festival began six days before the end of April and ended at the beginning of May. Roman customs have been adopted by many who celebrate May Day. Among the customs are gathering flowers and weaving them into wreaths and head garlands.

Europeans continued this theme of flowers in spring by decorating their homes with the first blooming flowers and selecting a "Queen of the May" then dancing around doing the maypole dance.   This folk dance is ceremonial and performed around a tall pole dressed with greenery or flowers. In addition, some customs included women washing their face with the early morning dew on May 1st to improve their complexion and offer them eternal youthfulness

May Day took serious fact on life as well. With puritans persecuting all that celebrated the day and other politicians using the day for their benefit as well. Some socialistic and communist countries celebrate May 1st with speeches and a show of military strength. In addition, May 1st is often though of as the working mans labor day

Happy May Day!!!

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