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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

customs Associated with May Day

April 30 was long a day for a group of individuals in England to express their opinions of their neighbors. The day was known as "May Birchers" and would see individuals and groups go from house to house on the eve of May Day to decorate the doors with boughs of trees or flowers. These decorations were not just plain, no they were used to express opinions of how others felt about the individual that lived in the house. NO one, no matter who you are, likes to be addressed in such a manner and the custom ended

Another custom had individuals dressing up their own homes as well as others with flowers and greenery Gong out before sunrise early May 1st to welcome the vegetation spirits that would bring good fortune.

A custom known as 'lifting' was a special time between the young ones in the village. A group of boys would choose a girl to boost high into a chair decorated with flowers. The lifting would take place on May 1st and the girl would then choose a boy on May 2nd.

A festival celebrated in Rochester England celebrates the chimney sweeps of the past. In past times the sweeps would put away their tools to have some fun on May the first. Today that festival continues with music, flowers, dancing and entertainment.

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