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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Create a Wild Life Garden in Your Back Yard

If one goal of your garden this year is to attract wildlife then you may be interested in reading this post. Now days it is easy enough to find wildflower seeds in garden centers as well as mail order seed suppliers. There are many lessons that can be learned from a wildlife garden. From the rich habitat where insects, amphibians, birds and small mammals of all kinds that are attracted to the garden to the variety of plants that can fill the spot that is shared.

Flowers provide nectar, pollen and seeds for all those that are entranced by the garden. What exactly will come to live in the garden are most likely the wildlife that is located in the local area. With this in mind selecting what plants to grow in the garden are the same ones that will help provide the inhabitants of the garden food, water and shelter.  Think of it like this if you will,,,, The Sesame Street Twiddle-bug that lived in Bert and Ernie's garden depended on what they could find in the garden to live.

A garden that contains the right plants can provide food  and shelter for insects and birds during the whole year. Plants that are rich in pollen and nectar feed the bees, butterflies and other insects in the spring thru the summer. Other plants that provide seeds and berries help feed the birds in the fall and winter months. Likewise plants that die off provide just the right amount of foliage that can shelter those that live in the garden. In addition, pines and related bushes provide a home and protection for the birds that stay in the garden. For a great list to find just the right plants to attract insects, birds and animals to your garden visit here

A few things to keep in mind when you are preparing a rich resource for nature and its inhabitants:

  • be sure to have a place where the animals can get to water. A resource like this should be perfect for drinking, bathing and breeding \
  • A place of shelter in bad weather and protection should be made available
  • the garden should include a place to reproduce, protect and nourish the young
Happy Gardening!!!

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