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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Guide on Tipping

Do you ever wonder what you are to tip or if you are supposed to tip at all?? Tipping is one of those things that are not given complete guide lines. Some never tip and then you have individuals like me who don't feel right if we don't tip. My sister has worked as a waitress for years and I can not even imagine what she feels when she does a great job , that she normally does, and is not left a tip. But even with that in mind what are we supposed to tip is still a question I often wonder

Tipping normally consist of 20% . Depending on service it may go up or down from there. There are other services besides food that are often tipped

Massage therapist
room service
courtesy shuttle drivers
hair stylist
valet parking

Here is a guideline for the United States of common tip practices

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