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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Color Therapy

Chromotherapy also known as color therapy is a method of treating ailments through color. Therapy is done by shining an appropriate color on an area of the body. Color therapy can also be completed by looking at particular colors, but it should not cause eye strain. Color therapy should not be used as an alternative to professional medical care. The results of color therapy vary and cannot be guaranteed and often depends on the individual.

The most potent colors used in color therapy are green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and violet. 

Green is the most basic color of all in healing. It is the color used first and last. What ever ails you star off and finish with green. Green is also the safest color whether used in only one area or over the entire body. Green harmonizes the universal life force through the psychic centres.

Yellow signifies wisdom. Mental deficiencies can be relieved by using yellow if used on small areas of the body. Mental blockages or nervous conditions can be treated with color therapy and yellow. Bad circulation may bring on the mental blockage and may be caused by brain cells starved of lymph and blood. Incorrect breathing may also bring about mental deterioration, nervous breakdown or severe mental strain.

Orange is a stimulating color for the spleen, liver, kidneys, heart and really any organ that can help to promote good circulation. Low circulatory trouble, or issues with any internal organ can be treated with orange. Orange stimulates the liver, kidneys, and bowels. Orange can help stimulate the heart as well.

Red stimulates even more than the color orange. Rheumatic joints can benefit from red color therapy.

Blue can be used for any one with nervous breakdown or nervous tension.

Violet color therapy is a high spiritual content. Relaxation is often reached when using violet color therapy.

Green should be the color to start and end all color therapies. It helps to stimulate the other colors and helps balance and harmonize relaxation.

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