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Friday, January 19, 2018

Popcorn, Get Your Hot Fresh Popcorn

National Popcorn day is hosted annually January 19th. Popcorn can be sweet or savory. being made in a variety of ways. Whether you enjoy popcorn plain, with a bit of butter or even caramelized you are not alone. 

Popcorn comes from Old English with corn meaning grain. Maize was grown in America and the English simply applied the term "corn". Popcorn was used in a great variety of ways through out time. In the 16th century you could find popcorn used in Aztec headdresses in ceremonies that honored the god of maize Tlaloc. 

Spanish explorers found the corn like grains unusual as they had white like flowers that would pop out of them when heated. The popcorn was a beloved treat and through time it became the popcorn that is known today. Two types of popcorn exist with one being white and the other yellow. It is the yellow that is prepared in movie theaters and more familiar. 

In the mid 1800s popcorn was tops in America. Charles Cretors owned a candy store where he made pop corn using steam. This would lead to horse drawn popcorn wagons traveling through streets of Chicago. Another tasty treat was created by Louise Ruckheim. Peanuts and molasses was added to popcorn and the treat of Cracker Jack was created. 

It may surprise you but popcorn was not always welcomed at the movies. Selling popcorn at the theater was a bit expensive until the invention of Glen Dickson. It was Dickson who would make it possible for popcorn to be inside. Now days, we pop our popcorn in the microwave and enjoy our movies on the T.V. at home. Popcorn has made it many years and the love of it will be here for many more. 

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  1. Thanks for the history lesson! I would love you to share this at Smell Good Sunday

  2. I'm a big popcorn lover, especially the popcorn at the movie theatre. They sell it by the bags to go now! Thanks for sharing its history on Sunday's Best.


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