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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Be Proud of who you are and Accept All in Society

Annie Hopkins was an individual that would not accept that she had physical limitations. She demanded on living a full, exciting, independent life. She only lived 25 years but in those years she was an advocate, entrepreneur, artist, student, activist and always a lover of life. She stood out to the entire world as a story to acceptance. 

She had a dream, a dream to change the world and how they saw people with disabilities. Annie created the wheelchair heart symbol to unify people of all abilities. Together Annie and her brother Steve launched 3ELove. The group 3ELove was put together to offer social ambition of education, embrace and empower all. 

Annie left this world on January 20th 2009. The mission to help the world see her message was left with all that care. As a remembrance of all that Annie did and to celebrate social acceptance year your heart on your sleeve. Let others know that you love who you are and that you are a person with social rights. Share it on all social media sites. We can all make a difference for others in this world. We can have a voice as a parent, sibling, relative, spouse, children, lover, co-worker, teacher, friend or anyone that just wants others to know we "accept" them.

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