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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TBB ASKS....... Fall

Favorite Fall Sweet that is a tough one I love fall from everything to the caramel apple's , mary jane candies and roasting marshmallows. Oh yes fall food is awesome

I would say a good yellow, red is swell as well, green is the one I do not eat a lot of

favorite fall sport to play?? I am getting a bit older to play I like to take walks, my grand-kids love to play soccer and I enjoy a good football game

best drink to me would be apple cider of course

favorite fall activity sitting around the bonfire with family and friends

must have fall purchase to me includes trips to apple orchards and pumpkin patches

I have purchased both types of pumpkins I really like taking family trip to pumpkin patch

I like the real pumpkins best but the fakes are getting better and look great as well if decorating

favorite halloween costume would be the one my sister wore when in grade school, it was a simple white sheet and of course she went as a ghost.

I truly love our hometown high school football team, after them would come the college and then pro

I do more fall decor than halloween but there is a bit of all thrown in. Fall can be carried over past halloween so that is why I have more simple fall decor

I have always loved raking leaves. When I was older I could create an imaginary mansion using the leaves to form a border. Perhaps some of my happiest memories are of my parents and us kids raking leaves and doing fall chores

I personally could have soup, sandwich for supper every night til spring but I do not think all that live with me would enjoy that. My favorite soup is chili

There certainly are some awesome scents that I have found . I truly love the pumpkin pie scent

Love pumpkin pie spice, I recently shared a recipe where you can make your own pumpkin pie spice

I have always been a short bootie type of girl but not too short a bit up my calf but not to my knee

My favorite halloween candy, wow that is a tough one as I am not sure what my favorite is I like the ones made by Brach's many years ago that look like moon and pumpkins but like my daughter I also love the peanut butter mary janes as well

I'll pass on the latte but offer it to one of my daughters and they will take it gladly

I would rather the whole family be on a hayride than lost in a corn maze

I love all the classic cartoons that are on at Halloween time, while I have seen them many times before for the younger ones it may be the first time

Join in the fun and share your answers here

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  1. What a fun, seasonal list of questions to ponder. For those of us who keep daily journals, these can act as great writing prompts.

  2. Annie, I could not reply to your comment about the Skinny Syrup because you are a "no reply blogger" but I did want to give you the info about it. You can get it off of Amazon and it comes in all kinds of flavors and is calorie free. I also find it at Tuesday Morning. Hope this helps you!

  3. I really have to work on developing a taste for apple cider...all this talk of it in the link up has me wanting to like it! Thanks for linking up!


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