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Sunday, October 1, 2017

National Fire Pup Day

Dalmatians have long served as mascots for fire departments. Why would fire fighters need a dog?? It seems that in the past dalmatian dogs helped keep rats away from fire houses. They also helped guide horse drawn fire wagons through city streets by keeping the horses stay calm. The Dalmatians also helped to guard the horses and fire equipment from vandalism and theft.

Dalmatians are well recognized with their white fur with black spots. It was important that the dogs be recognized so that others would know them as fire dogs.

Today fire dogs are still very present in the fire house. Fire stations across England and America keep dalmatians on site for fire house residents as well as mascots. Tasks for modern firehouse dog may include:

  • Serving as companions for firefighters 
  • firehouse must still be guarded
  • Fire dogs still ride along to fires and stand guard over the truck
  • dalmatians still act like fire company mascot

Does your fire house have a fire pup?? 

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